BEAUTY, SKINCARE / Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Hey there! 

How has life been treating you and your skin lately? Good?

Well how about I make it better?

As a self-proclaimed skin care junkie I have gone through my fair share of products and I have perfected my skincare routine throughout the years. 

I have gone from only washing my face with a random cleanser my mother would buy me (yeah…present me is cringing at the memory) to a full on Korean-like routine. 

But why and how may you ask? 

As soon as little young me entered the dreaded teenage years, little demons started sprouting on my face, now, you might think that’s normal, nothing to write a Shakespearean drama about, my little demons went from a holiday on my forehead to building an entire city on my skin. That’s when I started panicking. And that’s also what started this addiction. 

I am now the proud owner of multiple creams, serums, oils, mists and so on… all dedicated to make my skin as dewy as possible. Trust me for someone who hates wearing foundation, skin is an important step. 

As a former skincare noob, I know very well how confusing it can be to find the products you need for your type of skin, so let’s go through my own routine to determine the necessary steps you need to take for a Venus Approved Skincare Guide!

First things first, whenever I take off my makeup or prepare my skin for it, I always run a cotton pad with Micellar Water over the whole face. My personal favorite is the Bioderma one.

I always cleanse the first layer before going in with more heavy duty “tools”

For my morning routine I always follow these steps:






Dew Cream

The last step is not necessary but I don’t skip it since I don’t wear foundation and I need all the help I can get!

These are the all the things I do to keep my face clean and moisturized, obviously not everything in here will work for every type of skin, but this is a good base to have in order to find the products that will work for you. Follow them and clean your skin, you will be rewarded with a dewy, hydrated and seamless canvas to work your magic on or simply go all natural!

Go take the world by storm and always ask yourself what would Venus do if she was you!




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