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FASHION, That Look Category / Friday, May 25th, 2018

Hey there again!

If there is one thing to know about my style, it’s that I always, ALWAYS wear rings.

Small, dainty, diamonds, rubis, small stones, gold, silvers. No matter the size and stone, give it me. Once you find your perfect accessory, it becomes that element that brings that little something to your outfit. If I don’t have my rings on, there’s one good reason: This is not an outfit you should remember, forget it was ever on my body.

Rings have become part of me, they have a story, meaning, origin that is dear to me and represent memories, events, people. Wearing them keeps all of that with me, like having a constant blanket that keeps you safe. They are much more than an accessory they help me keep memories.

Rings (from left to right):

Ruby Ring – Boutique in Saint Germain ; Gold Signet – Family Collection ;

Gold Band – Une Part de Bonheur ; Heart Ring – Cartier

When it comes to the types of rings I usually select I don’t have a particular selection process. It needs to be shiny. I love shiny things. It has to have a vintage feel, not too much, but it has to have a regal and old timey feel about it. That’s the history geek in me sticking its head out. (I mean I named this blog after a greek goddess, did you really expect less of me?)

If you are like me and are thinking of starting a ring collection, I would advise you to keep some things in mind:

Do not buy cheap materials. Yes, I know they are pretty, but are your precious 20€ worth the green skin you will eventually get? That pretty ring will lose its shine and you will be left with a useless lump of metal. So invest. Not thousands of euros at the time, look into brands that work with noble materials like silver, gold and other metals from that family. You will keep that ring for years and be happy you listened to me.

Think about buying vintage. If you live in Paris or are planning a visit, swing by the Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen you will be able to find lots of treasures, not only rings but beautiful necklaces, earrings, from all kinds of brands, if you’re lucky and have a bigger budget you could even snag some amazing Hermès pieces.

Mix it up! We obviously all have our preferences when it comes metals, yellow gold, silver, rose gold… So many choices!          But why limit yourself? If you love a ring, but hesitate buying because of the colour of the metal, don’t. Get it and rock! We don’t follow rules here on WWVD, because honestly Venus is not one to follow rules.

Size matters. Be careful when selecting your ring. The size and style of the stone(s) matters, especially if you plan on mixing up your rings. Bigger, more imposing styles, do work better on longer fingers, just like sometimes daintier rings look cuter on smaller ones. Hands are like a body, wear what compliments them. And we don’t want you to be uncomfortable while wearing a ring, as beautiful as it may be, ask yourself if you will not get annoyed.

Selecting your rings is easy, but how to stack them up?

As a very extra person, I will tell you to wear all of them at once (Pheobe Buffay style) but part of me will also tell you to take it slow (that’s the boring mom side).

Take the time to get to know your rings. Really.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with them putting together will come naturally. Personally I stack up mine by feeling, if I feel fancy, I’ll stick as many as I can. If I feel more understated I’ll just wear a couple on each hand (don’t neglect your hands! Both deserve at least a pretty ring on them)

The most important thing to remember is to have a balance. Just like pictured above, my left hand has all of these beautiful, sparkly and somewhat fancy rings , so I balanced it out by stacking 3 gold rings and pairing them with a silver ruby Art Deco inspired little number.

You don’t have to follow rules to wear rings, just have fun and put them on, as long as it looks pretty to you it’s the most important!

See you soon and remember to ring up! 


Rings (from left to right):

Pearl Silver Ring – APM Monaco (similar) ; Green Jewel Ring – Boutique in Saint Germain

Heart Ring – Cartier ;  Dark Grey Ring – Swarovski (similar


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