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Have you ever wondered what other people’s makeup bags hold? Not in a creepy way, just by curiosity… What products do they use on a daily basis and they use them?

This series is exactly that, I will do the detective job for you and ask different people what their make up bag holds, so grab the popcorn, because we’re starting with me!

My makeup bag is pretty easy to describe. I do not have lots and lots of products but the ones that are there are loved dearly.

One of the things I can never leave the house without and that you can find scattered in my makeup bag, are lipbalms. My current favorites are the Glossier, Balm Dot Com, in Cherry, because of the lovely shade and smell & Birthday Cake, well because it has sparkles.

Speaking of sparkles, I have a small collection of glitter eye shadows. While I don’t do a lot of foundation and big makeup looks, I love me some sparkles on the eyelids. I find that it creates a lovely focus behind the lashes. My all time favorite eye product is an eyeshows stick from Byterry in Misty Rock It creates the most beautiful, subtle shine on the eyelids and can also be layered for a more intense night look.

One thing that I have already mentioned it that I do not like to wear foundation, and by looking at the main contents of my makeup bag, you will be able to spot 2 skin products. While I do not use foundation, I do like to have an even skin tone, so I use a tinted moisturizer to cancel out any small imperfections then go in with a concealer to make sure to erase the bigger problems.

Last but not least are my eyebrow products. I’m a big fan of the Boy Brow by Glossier, which I pair with the Anastasia Pomade to create an even look. I love the wild look on eyebrows but that still requires some grooming.

And there we go, that was the contents and most of my products that I use on daily basis. The result is dewy skin and just bit sparkle.

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