So What’s In Your Makeup Bag: Natalia

BEAUTY, Make Me Up / Sunday, May 27th, 2018

How ya’ doin’?

We’re back again with another stalker post into the makeup bag of one of my friends.

I met Natalia last year, at my university. She is happy, energetic and always positive girl coming straight from the country of Margaritas.

Her catch phrase is « This is amaaaaaazing! » and she has a love hate relationship with pineapples… Don’t ask me why, she just loves to hate them.

Now let’s get on to the interview part.

What’s the first thing you take out of your makeup bag?

My concealer.

And what do you do with it?

*looks at me* I put it on?

What’s the most important item in your bag/in your makeup routine?

My foundation, mostly because of my skin. If not I would not even bother with it.

Besides for the skin, what are the other products that you use a lot?

Eyeshadows and my lipstick

To finish up, what’s the one thing in your routine that is unique to you?

I brush my eyebrows and I use a spoon to curl my eyelashes

At the end of the day, Natalia is someone who will rock anything that comes her way, but the girl loves her lipsticks and her spoon. She never leaves her house without it.

Like I said and will always believe, we might all own the same kind of products but we definitely do not use them in the same way.



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