Why I Buy Flowers And Why You Should Too

LIFESTYLE / Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Hello Hello Hello!

Now who doesn’t love flowers in their house? They make everything look alive, fresh and sophisticated… Don’t agree with me? Well you will by the end of this post.

Flowers bring a space together, make everything look livelier and let’s not forget the smell! Who doesn’t love the scent of fresh spring peonies in the morning?

Now I’m not saying to ruin yourself by buying flowers every week, make it a fun activity, go to your local farmer’s market in the morning and pick up a cute little bouquet. It will not be as expensive as buying it in a flower shop and if you take care of them, the flowers will last up to 2 weeks! (try adding a dash of vodka in the water! works wonders)

Mix and match your flowers with greeneries, to create dynamics. Get some roses with peonies or if you’re more of a simple gal get a bunch of Gypsophila and stick them into a vase, those tiny little white flowers will make your mind travel!

So have fun and go run around in a field of flowers!








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